Lachlan Amerena - Lachlan Amerena

Lachlan AmerenaLLB (HONS) (UQ), BA (UQ)

Areas of Practice

Administrative Law & Judicial Review


Building & Construction




Equity & Trusts



Intellectual Property


Professional Negligence


Trade Practices and Competition

Wills & Probate & Family Provision

Contact Details

Phone(07) 3003 0308


Lachlan appears and advises in commercial and civil disputes including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Building disputes, both for and against homeowners, commercial entities and builders
  • Real property disputes, including boundary and easement disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Disputes with equitable remedies, such as constructive and resulting trusts, particularly in circumstances concerning family breakdown
  • Defamation
  • Insurance disputes
  • Professional negligence claims

Lachlan has appeared in trials and applications in all levels of Courts within the State jurisdiction including appearing in the Queensland Court of Appeal.

Lachlan also appears in the Federal jurisdiction, including in family law proceedings, both in parenting and property trials.

Prior to commencing work at the private bar, Lachlan was a solicitor at a boutique law firm in Brisbane, working in litigation.

Prior to that, Lachlan was an Associate to a Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Recent notable cases include:

  • Belcher v Scruton Property Group Pty Ltd [2022] FedCFamC2G 180, conduct of a trial concerning a claim for breach of contract under a company’s constitution
  • Bremner v Bremner [2020] QSC 374, conduct of a proceeding concerning a constructive trust claim between members of a farming family
  • Burger v Hickling [2021] QDC 41, conduct of a defamation proceeding on behalf of a defendant sued for $300,000. Lachlan appeared in a successful strike out application
  • Lastavec v Effective Security Pty Ltd [2022] QCA 171, conduct of a trial and a subsequent appeal concerning a partnership dispute over the subdivision of land
  • Rainbow v Turkovic & Anor [2021] QCAT 441, appearance in a trial defending a claim in a quantum meruit and for a counterclaim against a builder in negligence
  • Sangster & Tailor [2021] FedCFamC1F 170, appearance in a parenting trial concerning contrary allegations of an unacceptable risk to children